7 Half Baked Movie Ideas to get Margot Robbie a Hit

By Julien Rodger

Margot Robbie is currently ice cold at the box office after three flops in a row in The Suicide Squad, Amsterdam and Babylon, and risky Barbie looming as her Waterloo.

For fun here’s 7 ideas to turn it around:

1. Austin Powers 4/Bond girl

A theme of my list I want Robbie to be cool, not crazy. She takes the role of Elizabeth Hurley/Heather Graham in the next Powers film as the sexy retro female counterpart to Myers. Alternatively she could be a spy tempting the next 007.

2. We Bought a Kangaroo Zoo

I want a feel good movie set in Australia with kangaroos or other wildlife and Robbie in her natural accent. Perhaps an American star like Channing Tatum goes to Australia and butts heads but falls for a zookeeper.

3. Fast Car/Heist movie

Robbie gets to be cool and sexy behind the wheel of a car much like Jolie did Gone in 60 Seconds and Theron did The Italian Job. Her closest role to this so far would be the con artist movie Focus. It may be too late to literally join Fast and Furious, but something heist related could work.

4. The Nutsless Professor

Robbie would be involved in a body switch movie of some variety, perhaps a beaten down bullied outcast takes a potion to look like her, or she switches body with someone and the hot girl has to see what it’s like on the other side as well.

5. CIA project gone wrong

I’m going for a hit like Johansson’s Lucy or Jolie’s Salt here. She is mind controlled and perfectly crafted by the CIA for spy purposes, but she becomes sentient and gets revenge on her captors.

6. Weirder Science

Some nerds who can’t get a woman create one in a lab, who is then a fish out of water in the real world. Maybe it’s not officially called a Weird Science remake, but is similar enough like how The Lost City resembled Romancing the Stone.

7. High school reunion comedy thriller

Robbie plays a former most popular girl in school who goes back for her reunion and finds everyone else ended up more successful than her, then hijinks go down, perhaps a guy she turned down back then ends up a FBI agent and it goes from there.

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