All Mariah Carey #1s ranked, by a non-Mariah fan

By Julien Rodger

Mariah Carey scored her 19th #1 hit this week with All I Want for Christmas Is You hitting the top spot. I’m not even a big fan, but you have to hand it to her. 

I didn’t even know half these songs. So I decided to listen to them all and rank them.

19. All I Want for Christmas Is You

It’s cool this went #1, and relatable as all I want is my long lost love that is ghosting me for Christmas. However I associate Christmas songs with being annoying and corporate which has ruined it somewhat. There are no bad songs on this list so something has to be last.

18. My All

An above average latin influenced ballad. She’s saying she would lay down her life for one more night with him, but something in me doesn’t quite feel it.

17. I Don’t Wanna Cry

A nice ballad from her first album about needing to break up. The opening reminds me of My All.

16. Don’t Forget About Us

It’s We Belong Together-lite with arguably better lyrics, but not as memorable overall.

15. Honey

One of her coolest beats and her voice sounds like honey over it.

14. I’ll Be There (Feat. Trey Lorenz)

Mariah’s voice works for the hard task of stepping in baby Michael’s shoes. However at the end of the day it’s still a cover that’s not as good as the original, and you wish that Mariah sung the whole thing.

13. Dreamlover

A catchy optimistic song about searching for your dream guy or girl, but its subject and sound reminds me of other songs by her somehow.

12. Touch My Body

Sexual songs don’t seem to be Mariah’s style, but this one is just dripping in it.

11. Love Takes Time

One of her best ballads about trying to bring back a lover pulling away.

10. Thank God I Found You (Feat. Joe and 98 Degrees)

A great song about appreciating finding the one, but Joe and 98 Degrees deserve just as much credit as her for it.

9. Vision of Love

Her vocals made it one of the most influential songs in pop history, but its lyrics are also one of the best on the list.

8. We Belong Together

Her comeback smash remains one of her catchiest and a great vocal.

7. One Sweet Day (feat. Boyz II Men)

Her emotion comes out making it one of the best memorial songs.

6. Hero

That the hero lies in you is one of the most inspirational lines in music history.

5. Someday

Her first album is known for its ballads, but the up tempo single is the one that stuck in my head.

4. Heartbreaker (Feat. Jay-Z)

A total ear worm with her voice in the verses at its slickest. It’s not Jay-Z’s best feature, but it does make it seem they are singing directly to each other.

3. Emotions

One of her best vocals with a great piano beat. The lyrics are one of her best by telling us how she feels with poetic simplicity.

2. Fantasy

The Genius of Love sample bangs and the lyrics are the perfect depiction of someone getting in your head. 

  1. Always Be My Baby

A great love song about people being part of your history forever.

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