The Real Reason China Lifted Its Zero-Covid Policy

By Algren

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Let’s be clear about one thing; the Chinese government is not a friend to humanity. No matter what news or propaganda you have consumed, China (by which, from now on I mean their government; the CCP) is not your friend. It is not even a friend to the Chinese people, as can be seen throughout history but even most recently with their abandonment of Xi Jinping’s zero-COVID policy. This policy is personally attributable to him – he has effectively tied his reputation to the policy the same way Chairman Mao did with the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward (periods in China’s history that killed more people than Hitler did during World War II).

Many clever Chinese people are waking up to the fact that their government does not care about them whatsoever, but unfortunately many are still sleepwalking, unaware of their government’s true intentions – they are still unreservedly believing the rubbish being fed to them. There were widespread protests and uprisings in November/early December 2022 across China, in multiple cities, with people demanding an end to the catastrophic zero-COVID policy and for Dictator Xi to step down.

On December 7, the CCP made the overnight decision to severely reduce the zero-COVID policy (effectively abolishing it). Here’s the big lie that the CCP wants you to believe: they listened to their people, and they changed course because they care about the people. That is utter codswallop. The single reason China moved away from their policy was to save face, because they can never be seen as wrong. The only reason China does anything on the international stage is to save face, and this time it was the face of Dictator Xi. They could already see that the zero-COVID policy was a complete and utter disaster. It was in place for three years, but many Chinese citizens were still dying (particularly the weeks leading up to Dec 7 as Omicron proved too contagious). Their policy could not contain the virus, so literally the only thing China [with its self-serving mind set] could do was to abandon their dear dictator’s golden policy so that the it [and by association Xi] would not come under any criticism as being completely useless.

Now the zero-COVID policy is no longer there, the Chinese authorities can freely blame the outbreak on a loosening of regulations (“it is what the people wanted”), and definitely not Xi’s policy (that is still held up as a success story), because of course that would be tantamount to treason. But it is precisely because of the zero-COVID policy that millions of Chinese people are now dying from the virus. Does the CCP care? Does Xi Jinping care? No, of course not. If the zero-COVID policy had continued, people would have still died in large numbers, but there would be a clear link to Xi’s failed policy. Ending the policy now makes it look like the only thing saving Chinese people for the last three years was Xi Jinping’s “science-based approach”. The CCP put one man’s fragile ego above the lives of millions of their countrymen. Do you now see how evil the Chinese government is? They are still spouting how their 3-year COVID policy saved millions of lives despite millions of people now dying from them lifting the policy, and in those three years they did nothing to prepare the country for opening up. Vaccinations are low (particularly among the elderly) and there was no gradual relaxation of the policy for people to prepare financially and health-wise. That is because the reason they opened up was nothing to do with the people. The Chinese people are like cannon fodder to the CCP – the only reason they opened up now was to avoid it being abundantly clear what the problem was all along (the zero-COVID policy) and their snowflake of a president having a bruised ego.

China works this way all the time. There are constant kneejerk reactions, with little-to-no planning, all with the single goal of preserving the CCP and its reputation and shielding them from criticism. There is never any care for the people of the country. There are mass deaths happening right now in China because of the spread of COVID, and with new mutant strains being discovered the CCP is not releasing data but instead is directing all funeral homes and hospitals to report that no COVID deaths are occurring. It is all about covering up any sniff that their zero-COVID policy was ever a problem. Now they are silencing all the protestors that demanded an end to the policy. They are using their comprehensive monitoring apparatus to take action against all Chinese people that were critical of their U-turn in policy; how on Dec 6 the state’s puppet scientists were still spouting that COVID was equivalent to the Black Death but then miraculously on Dec 7 it was just a cold. The clever Chinese people that noticed and commented on this hypocrisy have all been dealt with by the authorities, and now the Chinese government are still claiming it is not dangerous despite an epic overload of the country’s hospital system, crematoria and funeral systems.

Dictator Xi and the CCP have not backed down on zero-COVID. That is not what has happened there. It is a dual-faced approach; internationally they show they have given the people what they wanted and allowed the protestors to voice their concerns, but domestically they punish all protestors and fabricate the narrative that zero-COVID worked until it was no longer needed because now the virus is not dangerous. To maintain that narrative they are working overtime to force it as a truth; it is not an actual truth, it is just made illegal to say otherwise.

To the CCP, it is totally worth the enormous hassle of suppressing the truth. They already have the personnel and systems in place. They will not care one iota if half the population dies, as long as nobody holds Xi and his stupid policy accountable.

The Chinese people always have to endure and suffer from the bad decisions of their government. It is a real shame that their government has no care for them whatsoever. The CCP is hoping the wave of infections is done by the time of the Three Sessions. Yet again not a care for Chinese people, only for their own leadership.

Instead of admitting that the west got it right (that is the CCP’s worst nightmare), the CCP deludes itself and its people by claiming they followed a “science-based process” all along. But it has nothing to do with that, as it is always political where China is concerned. Once again, they do not care about people’s lives, only the face of their thin-skinned leaders. To go along with science and common sense (i.e. follow the west when it opened up) would hurt the legitimacy of the Chinese system of governance, and therefore they ALWAYS have to choose a different route, regardless of the economic costs or fatalities involved. Then simply patch it up afterwards with censorship, lies, and arrests.

The virus and its more deadly new variants are ripping through China right now, so what does the Chinese government do? They are not content with only their people suffering. They have no intention of containing the virus within their borders and potentially being the saviour of the rest of the world. Nope. They start to allow international travel from January 8 so the entire world will be affected as well. Welcome to COVID War II, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party.

And soft western countries will just roll over and let infected Chinese travellers within their borders, too. They will put in place certain barriers and checks, but it will be a gesture at best. Things such as travellers from China requiring a negative 48-hour nucleic acid test in order to board a flight is an extremely low bar in safeguarding your people to a potentially fatal second wave of the virus, particularly when in China these types of official document can be bought rather easily. Corruption is still widespread in China (despite years of Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign), and buying such a document is permitted by the CCP because it is precisely what they want to happen – I suspect nucleic acid checks at airports for flights departing China are not even in place. Airports in China do not answer to foreign governments, they answer to the CCP, and if the CCP wants the world infected again, it would not surprise me if travellers are waived through without checks.

Additionally, if a global second wave does occur it would also not surprise me that China uses such an opportunity to attack Taiwan. While the rest of the world is busy fighting Russia and COVID: The Sequel, China would be rubbing their hands with glee for a relatively easy invasion of its sovereign neighbour. They sure regret not taking the opportunity back in 2020.

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