The Top 5 AppleTV shows so far

By Julien Rodger


5. Servant – The M. Night Shyamalan psychological horror is one of the most visually interesting shows on TV. With nearly all scenes in the same house, the plot can sometimes feel as if it’s going in circles, but the real story is the emotional repression and denial of its characters that their relationships are broken. Even though Lauren Ambrose’s Dorothy is the most overtly delusional, the others like her husband and brother are as much in their way.


4. Severance – A new addition to the Lost or Westworld subgenre of shows with unanswered questions to the audience that’s made to theorize about online. Every scene in the white walled cubicle prison is fascinating. Ben Stiller’s directing adds tension and performances like Patricia Arquette and Tramell Tillman as true believers of the cult like company are entertaining.


3. Mythic Quest – The gamer workplace comedy is one of Apple’s funniest but also capable of throwing a dramatic side episode into the middle of the season.  Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao’s Ian and Poppy are the heart of the show as their egos bounce off each other when fighting over decisions for the game. The supporting cast gets their moments such as Jessie Ennis as a crazy assistant.


2. The Afterparty – The gimmick of parodying movie genres makes it fun to see what the next episode will do, and despite being a comedy overall they pay attention to detail with the murder clues. Dave Franco as Xavier is gold as the pop star victim and Sam Richardson as the nice guy suspect also plays his part perfectly. It’s unclear if the second season is either necessary or can keep parodying new genres, but the first season was nearly perfect.


1. Foundation – With the difficult task of adapting Isaac Asimov’s novel and a massive story involving multiple worlds and timelines, they did as good of a job as you can hope for including adding new elements like clone emperors which is the highlight of the season. Visually its world building is stunning while still maintaining the focus on the story and epic journey of its characters. Bear McCreary’s score adds a lot as it did for Battlestar Galactica.

Honorable mention: For All Mankind, Ted Lasso, The Morning Show

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